After seven months of fasting, trials, and tribulations, we can finally log on to Paraga’s app without VPNs? Brothers and sisters, this right here, is what we call a miracle. Could all of this have been avoided if Bubu had just unlooked and focused on borrowing more money? Yes. But like Michael Jackson said, “They don’t really care about us.” To celebrate our “legal” return to Twitter streets, we’ve decided to compile memes that accurately describe the situation in the country now that the ban has been lifted.

1. People who just renewed their VPN subscription looking at the rest of us celebrate

So some of you were paying for VPN? It’s giving wealth and opulence. What happened to free VPN, dears? Well, sorry for your loss sha.

2. Banks, brands and other government compliant agencies getting ready to hit the Twitter streets

They’ve already started posting cringe TikTok challenges. Must affliction rise again? Please, focus on responding to your customers on time. We don’t pay you to dance.

3. Nigerians returning from all the countries VPN took them to

Who said you can’t travel without visa? Call them a detty liar and tell them about all the trips you took thanks to your VPN. If there’s one thing we’ll miss about the ban, it’s the way we were confusing other countries’ Twitter trends during the height of BBNaija. Good times.

4. What the Nigerian government thought we would do, but we have coconut heads

Beg? Nigerian youths? It’s like they don’t know who we are. Give us fire, and we will use it to turn semo.

5. Our followers increasing out of nowhere

Please, why are all of you following us? We know we are funny and the most happening babes in town, but this increase feels a bit suspicious. We are sleeping with one eye opened.

6. A visual of us trying to revive our phone batteries after months of VPN suffering

Ayomide, rise, don’t waste my money.

7. Nigerian police after they realize they can’t harass because of Twitter anymore

I guess it’s time to go back to tattoos and dreadlocks.

8. Nigerian politicians ready to begin another round of detty lies

We see you. We know you. We won’t vote for you.

9. Customer service agents knowing that they’ve entered one chance

You guys were not picking our calls. Well, Twitter is back and we can drag your companies by their dirty undies in public. Get ready to start responding to tweets with “Hi Sola, how may we help you?”

10. Nigerians celebrating freedom from VPN even though we know this is decision was an campaign tactic

We know what they’re doing, but we still celebrate regardless because we have been in the trenches for too long.



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