The choices you make say one or two things about you. So if you’re always carrying that little purse about, we’re not judging you as a person, but bombastic side eye sha.

Tote bag 

You give off serious mother-hen vibes. The only reason you like tote bags is so you can carry any and everything, it doesn’t matter what it is. If it looks like it could help you or others, then you’re dumping it in your bag and moving along.

Knuckle rings

You’re a fighter. It’s not like you go around looking for who to clear or anything. You’re usually on your own when the trouble comes to meet you, and you stay ready to meet it toe to toe.


You don’t have the time or energy for wahala. You’ll go the other way if you see it coming. You think life’s too short for any form of stress, and you’re absolutely right.

We think life’s too short for stress too, which is why we’re throwing the hottest hot babe-only party.


Like a belt, you’re a fixer. You like the way belts hold things together, help you wear those pair of jeans that are falling off your waist, and make that dress look sexy AF. 

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You like being incognito;  you don’t like people knowing the next move you’ll make. As a matter of fact, if you could go through life without anybody knowing your real name, you’d do it.

Diamond studs

You’ve gone through a lot, but you always come out on top. 

Tiny bag

People that carry tiny ass bags everywhere are usually headstrong and have no regrets. If someone asks if all your stuff could fit into that bag, and you’d said yes, but five minutes later, and you might be holding all your stuff one hand, while only a  lip balm takes up all the space in your bag.



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