Alternative Spirituality

How did you get into unconventional spirituality?

I like to call it “alternative spirituality” because it’s outside of conventional religious practices.

I’ve always been a spiritual person. When I was six years old, I dreamt that my mum was pregnant with a boy, and the details are no longer clear, but the instruction was to name him David.

So did you tell her? How did she take it?

She laughed it off because she didn’t even know she was pregnant at the time. Also, I was a child. What do children know about pregnancies? But when she found out she was pregnant a few weeks later, she was happy and told everyone in church that her daughter was a seer. When she gave birth to my brother, she named him David. 

That was a foundational experience that really drummed into me that there’s a world beyond what we see. 

Did you have more experiences like that?

I’ve always had dreams and feelings, and they often come true. My primary gift is claircognizance. I just know stuff. I didn’t have a name for any of these things though until I got into secondary school. 

In secondary school. I saw a couple of things about my zodiac sign in my older cousin’s slum book, and the 11-year-old me was hooked because it was so fascinating. 

I made a copy of her slum book with all the information about the zodiac signs, and when I got back to school, I shared what I’d learned with my friends. We began discussing astrology, art, spirituality and everything in between — very thrilling, often hilarious conversations.

How did this interest solidify? 

Sometime in 2019 or 2020, I was 20 and in love with someone who was a Libra. I’d had crushes on people I thought I was in love with before, but they paled in comparison to what I felt for this person. And because of how I am, I wanted to know why it felt so different, so I started digging. 

At this time, I wasn’t into sun-sign astrology, which most people do, I’d delved into things like birth charts. 

But it was still a casual interest until I met this person.

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Your experience with this person was a turning point then? 

Definitely. I wanted to know why it was different with this person, so I went on the internet and did some research. I discovered something called “synastry”. This is basically when you place two charts on top of each other to see how they interact and intersect. 

So synergy + astrology: synastry?

Yes, synastry is a branch of astrology. Simply put, synastry is the astrology of relationships. He was a Libra, I’m a Pisces, and I was interested in our compatibility. Then we stopped seeing each other. 

Oh no, why?

He didn’t see me the same way I saw him, and finding that out was very difficult for me because I already suffered from abandonment trauma. My dad died when I was very young and because I was closer to him than I was to mum, my anchor parent was gone. It felt like the most unfair thing in the world. 

So growing up, I tried to compensate for the love I’d lost with different kinds of relationships — friendships and sexual relationships. Of course, that didn’t go well. 

What happened after things ended with the Libra?

I went into a spiritual wormhole. I spent a lot of time on YouTube, watching tarot girlies talk about how the person you love will come back and you’ll be together again. Some of these readings capitalise on the fears and weaknesses of those who watch them.

I spent so much time on those tarot reading videos that, soon enough, I noticed a switch. I became more interested in the cards than the messages. This was around late 2019 to early 2020. After the pandemic, I got a free printable tarot deck from the internet and printed it out at Doculand in Ikoyi. 

After that, I made a conscious decision to stop watching the YouTube videos, though, because I was starting to sound crazy. 

Sound crazy to whom?

Myself. I have a Virgo Moon, so I’m very self-aware. I don’t like feeling like anything or anyone has power over me. That’s the real reason why I quit watching those desperate YouTube tarot readings. 

At first, I practised for myself and didn’t do readings for anyone, except a few friends here and there. I also let them know I was still learning through courses and personal research. 

Since I started, I’ve had affirming experiences. Like every spiritual journey, this requires you to have faith and trust that you’re on the right path. Not everyone has the Damascus experience Paul had in the Bible, you know, where God arrests you and stuff like that. Most of us have little affirming experiences like David, Moses or Abraham. 

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Is astrology linked to Christianity in any way?

Tarot, astrology and all the other stuff I practise are open-ended practices. Anybody is free to practice them. I believe in God, in what Jesus did on the cross. 

When did you decide to make it a full-blown practice?

In late 2020, when I was working at an international art fair, I did astrology readings for people in my office and saw how beautiful those experiences were for them. It was the same thing with my friends. I was excited to share the gifts with more people.  

My practice has kept me grounded because it gives clarity into who I am and what my purpose is. And I think it’s important to share that with the world because we don’t have many of those kinds of spiritual communities here.

Tell me about your music

I’ve always loved music. Growing up, I sang in choirs and I played instruments like the piano, recorder and violin.

I began writing the music I wanted to record after my grandmother died in late 2018. Shortly after, I met the Libra.

My music and spiritual practice have developed simultaneously. I write, record, and conceptualise my music while growing in my spirituality and trying to make sense of it. My EP took four years to complete. Two years of writing and another two years of recording. I was intentional about it. There are strong religious and spiritual motifs in my music. That time was a defining period in my life. I like to call it a blossoming.

My EP is about retrograde motions. In astrology, retrogrades are about a time when you look back and regress. When a planet is in retrograde, it moves backwards. It appears to go backwards on an axis from where we are here on Earth. And retrograde periods are periods where we can redo, you can do it again. I designed the EP in a way that you have to listen to it from track five to track one, sort of working backwards.

What’s it like interacting with Nigerians about alternative spirituality? 

It’s been interesting and funny. Both funny ha-ha and funny weird. Some people learn about my spiritual experiences and are intrigued. Some people are quick to reject it because they don’t understand it. But my practice isn’t separate from Christianity; God is integral in everything I do.

When I explain this to people, they’re usually more accepting of it. I help them understand that the things God has put on earth are meant to aid and guide you be it herbs or crystals. 

Tell me about herbs and crystals. Are they part of the astrology work too?

Astrology is just one of the things I practice. I also practise the mystical uses of herbs, tarot readings, using crystals and stuff. I learnt about them at the same time I got into tarot reading. I learnt about herbs, candle work and how to use your natural environment to enhance your physical and spiritual experience. 

How do tarot cards, herbs and crystals work?

Herbs have been used for mystical and medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Certain herbs have certain properties, so when you combine them, they yield different results. And they’re usually typical associations. If you’ve ever wondered why roses are associated with love, it’s because, on the mystical side of life, we use roses for various kinds of love work. Not just in finding romantic love, but also self-love. Lavender is for peace, and it can also be a cleansing herb. 

Crystals also have different meanings and things they’re associated with, but they don’t work like herbs do. Crystals are seen as living beings, so when you get a crystal, what you need to do is program your crystal with an intention or affirmation. You tell the crystal what you want it to do for you. 

Alternative Spirituality
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If you have a rose quartz crystal, for instance, and you want to feel more loving towards yourself, you can use an affirmation. You program the crystal by saying the affirmation a couple of times, and then, you wear the crystal or keep it in a space where you can be in its vibrational field. You need to be very nice to your crystals because if you don’t treat them properly, they go missing.


They disappear. In my practice, I’ve seen crystals disappear for two reasons. It’s either you’re not utilising it, which means you’re not ready for the crystal, and it has gone to meet someone who’s ready for it. 

Or the crystal has done the work it needs to do. So it’ll either get conveniently missing, or you’ll feel moved by your intuition to gift it to someone else. 

Intuition is something that comes into play a lot, right?

Your intuition is key, especially when you’re a spiritual worker like myself. I’ve been able to hone my intuition to a point where I can interact with it on levels the average person might not be able to. Intuition is how you segue into things like intuitive gifts or patterns. Like I said earlier, my intuitive gift is claircognizance. And a bit of clairsentience.

What do these things mean?

Claircognizance is the gift of knowing. I could be speaking to a person and some information just drops in my spirit and I get exact context into what they’re talking about. With clairsentience, I can feel physical and emotional sensations related to messages I’m receiving from people. I feel these a lot when I’m doing astrology or tarot readings. 

One time, I did a reading for someone and when I started shuffling the cards, out of nowhere, I was slapped with this huge wave of horniness. And I’m like, wait, I wasn’t feeling any of this five seconds ago. If you’re feeling a certain emotion for the person or situation you’re inquiring about when I’m doing a reading, I feel that emotion too.  

I have just a little bit of clairvoyance and clairaudience as well, but those usually happen when I’m asleep or in between meditative states. Clairaudience is hearing ringing and bells, pressure in ears and stuff like that. I feel these sensations when I go to places that are spiritually charged. But my clairvoyance is mostly in dreams.

Like when you dreamt about your brother

Yes, exactly. Even though dreams can be weird and funny, some dreams are very clear. They tell me what directions I should be taking or clear messages for people.

What about tarot cards? 

Tarot cards are a divination tool. I shuffle them while asking Spirit the questions the clients have and choose the cards that fall out of the deck. Then I interpret the meaning of the cards for the client. 

Since you started sharing your spiritual gifts, what has been your most affirming experience?

A lot of people come to me to find out about relationships and love. I have a client who lives in the UK. She came to me in August 2022 and wanted what I call a prayer divination — I pray and try to find answers about something that’s going on in the person’s life. 

She asked questions about her potential partner, how she would identify him and know he was the one. A few months later, she came back and said everything (Spirit) said came true.  I was like, “Wow”. I was very excited about the review. 

Please, tell me they’re married now

No, but I do have a client who got married after a love reading. They were not in a good place and Spirit  advised them to take a break and focus on themselves. We had this conversation in March 2022, and I think they ended up getting married that same year. This is why I love tarot. It’s so beautiful and affirming, but it’s not all love and light.

How so?

As a practitioner, there are certain things I cannot do. I don’t do any substances. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke.  I’m 100% sober 100% of the time. Some practitioners are not as strict as I am, but I recognise the kind of person I am.  I’m a very spiritual person. I’m also selective of the people I sleep with. I’ve been celibate for a minute. 

I cleanse, meditate, read and study a lot. I have to be in tip-top shape physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally in case anyone needs spiritual or communal support from me. I’ve experienced spiritual and psychic attacks before.


In 2021, I had a client I shouldn’t have done a reading for. Spirit always tries to warn you; you’d feel unsettled or uncomfortable. I was still new in my practice, so I didn’t listen. The client asked about a romantic situation, and the answer she got was not what she wanted. She unfollowed me, but I’d still see her lurking on my page, viewing my stories and stuff.  

I started feeling very frazzled and jittery. I wasn’t as grounded as I used to be, so I just caught on that she was sending me some evil eye. I cleansed and felt better.  

You have to be in tip-top shape. This is a path that requires you to be exceedingly responsible and of service because you’re not a spiritual worker for yourself. You’re a spiritual worker for the people around you, who have access to you.

Any regrets about choosing this path?

No. I would always choose the metaphysical mami path. In the beginning, I was scared to embrace it because we live in a world where most people think seeing is believing, but I’m glad I did pursue it. 

I acknowledge that it’s an unconventional path and requires a few sacrifices in my personal life, but the joy of being able to be a healer to the people around me is incomparable. I’m thankful to my angels, benevolent ancestors and guides for helping me along my journey. And to God for giving me my gifts. 

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