Testing, testing. Is this thing on? 

Calling all the hotties who are working hard at figuring out their shit and moving towards the next step on their journeys. You inspire us — so much that we created a flagship dedicated to celebrating your success. 

In case you missed it, The Elevator is a mini-series dedicated to chronicling the journey of exceptional women in their careers as they make their way to the top. This year, in line with the official International Women’s Day theme, “Breaking The Bias”, we decided to expand the definition of ‘the top’ from corporate, white-collar jobs to less conventional careers. 

We chose the women in this series because they stand out in their fields, with award wins and features in international events and magazines as proof. Most of them found their passion at a young age and continued on their paths despite pushback from their parents. 

We have a multifunctional DJ,  a fast-rising musician, an award-winning artist, a crazy ambitious filmmaker, a fire feminist writer

and an overachieving multipotentialite. These women define what success looks like to them and peddle that path on their own terms. 

For each of them, that path looks different. For Kiss, becoming an all-round international producer is the top she aspires to, while Chigozie Obi wants to be able to provide opportunities for other visual artists, especially women. One thing everyone featured in the series agrees on is that the top of their careers is a place they haven’t reached yet, but they know their way there. 

The top is a shapeshifting place defined by whoever is there or close enough. The world we aim to build is one where women can embark on the journey to success in their own ways, without the distractions posed by misogyny. The Elevator will lead that conversation with real-life examples. 

Now that The Elevator is over, HER still has a few special things lined up for the rest of the year. In May, we have ToHER, a series of letters written by women to the women in their lives. Also in May, us hot girls will be meeting up at some fun place to shake our asses. You don’t want to miss what we have planned for you. To stay tuned, fill out this form.



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