Hair textures for black people vary, hence, it is important to know yours and how best to care for it to achieve optimum healthiness.

Here are 3 types of hair textures and the best relaxers to help you maintain each.

1. Fine hair

Also known as thin hair. It is the smallest diameter of the 3 hair textures. It only has two of the hair layers; cuticle and cortex.

Distinctive features:

  • It has a silky feel
  • It’s prone to break easily.
  • Its light nature makes it difficult to hold a style.
  • Too much product will weigh this hair texture down.

Suitable relaxer:

If you happen to have Fine Hair texture, then the Mega Growth Sensitive Care Relaxer specially formulated with 25% more conditioning oils to provide care and nourishment will be the best fit for you.

2. Medium hair

This is also known as normal hair texture and it’s the most common type of hair. It’s diameter is larger than the fine hair texture. The cuticle and cortex are the only hair layers found in the medium hair texture.

Distinctive features:

  • It has a cotton feel.
  • It is the easiest hair to work with.
  • Can keep hairstyles better.

Suitable Relaxer: If your hair type falls under the Medium category, then the Mega Growth Regular relaxer should be your go-to for retouching.

3. Coarse hair

This has the thickest size of all the hair types. It’s the only hair texture that contains all the three layers of the hair; cuticle, cortex and medulla.

Distinctive features:

  • It has a wooly feel.
  • It looks very full and has good volume.
  • Takes longer to dry.

Suitable relaxer: For this hair type, you’ll need to opt for a very effective relaxer like the Mega Growth Super Strength due to the thickness of the hair.

How to know your hair type?

If you’re wondering, “So how do I even know what type of hair texture I have?”, then here’s a quick and easy experiment you can try:

Fine hair test:

Take a strand of hair between your fingers and feel it. If it feels as if you can barely feel the hair between your fingers, then it is a fine hair texture.

Medium hair test:

It’s the same step as the first. The difference is if you can somewhat feel the hair strand between your fingers, then it’s a medium hair type.

Coarse hair test:

If you can actually feel the thickness of the hair strands between your fingers, then you have coarse hair.

Here’s a quick guide on how to use a relaxer on your hair:

  • Mix the crème activator and crème relaxer before applying to hair.
  • Apply to hair carefully, avoiding hair that has been relaxed or texturized before.
  • Apply neutralizing shampoo gently to hair and scalp and rinse thoroughly.
  • Apply Leave In Strengthener to moisturize and Growth Oil to seal moisture.

No matter your hair type, the secret to healthy hair, is proper care. So show your hair some love with the Mega Growth relaxer range e.g Sensitive Care.

Pick the right relaxer for your hair type and say bye bye to stress. Go here now for the best options.


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