Sometimes, you plan your day — work, lunch, work, home —  then somehow find yourself telling capitalism off at noon, heading out with a couple of friends, waking up the next morning on their couch, nursing a hangover, with an overnight bag that has everything in it but the things you actually need. 

We compiled this list of all the products you need in your overnight bag, so you don’t end up walking out of another person’s house looking like a shadow of yourself.

Face wash

We already know you won’t use the same product to wash your face and body, so throw this Zaron face wash into your bag before anything else. It gently strengthens, moisturises and cleanses the skin, and it’s perfect for all types, including sensitive skin. Throw in a second bottle to leave at that friend’s house. They deserve great skin too.

This Zaron body wash

Unless you want to leave that house smelling like yesterday and whatever you’ve been through, we suggest you get this body wash. It smells great, but it also leaves your skin smooth, nourished and hydrated.

Body lotion

Just because you’re not at your house, doesn’t mean you deserve ashy skin, and this vitamin C body lotion knows this. It’ll even out your skintone, brighten and hydrate your skin.


You’ll have to go home at some point, and as easy as it would be to brave the sun by your own power and your might, you have to ask yourself, is that something you really want to do?


Just in case your friend wants to drag you out one more time before you return to your house, and you don’t want to go there bare faced, you should carry the brown-skin foundation by Zaron along. It’s silky smooth, transfer proof and humidity resistant. So you get medium to full coverage and don’t have to worry about melting. It’s also available in 13 different shades.


Throw the brown-skin powder into your bag too. Just so your quick makeup look feels a little more complete.

Lip balm

You might think you’re all covered and good to go now, but do you really want to be outside with dry lips? No? Then don’t forget to pack your lip balm.


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