If you’ve ever wondered whether you are a Lagos babe or a babe that lives in Lagos, we’ve written this article to help you understand the difference.



Lagos babe: A woman living in Lagos who understands the intricacies of the city and knows how to live lavish in Lagos.

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Babe that lives in Lagos: As the name implies, a woman whose house is in Lagos. 

Characteristics of a Lagos babe 

1. A Lagos babe doesn’t have to have a house in Lagos to be a Lagos babe

What defines a Lagos babe is not a house in Lagos but her deep understanding of how Lagos works. A Lagos babe knows her way around Lagos like the back of her palm. 

2. A Lagos babe runs things, things don’t run her

A Lagos babe is undeterred by the chaos that is Lagos. She knows plans shouldn’t be set in stone so she is ever ready to adapt when Lagos changes her plans. 

3. A Lagos babe can change it for you anytime. 

She doesn’t care whether she is in a 3-star restaurant masking as a 5-star restaurant, she will treat your fuck up in her rich aunty boubou. She no send your papa. 

4. Lagos babes belong to the streets 

Lagos babes know all there is to know about the streets. People on the streets know her and she knows them. On the other hand, when a babe who lives in Lagos finds herself on the streets, all she wants to do is go home. 

5. Lagos babes struggle to settle in places that are not Lagos

If she travels to a chill place like Abuja, she might complain that it’s too slow for her. She needs the Lagos rush to stay alive. 

6. Lagos babes don’t have curfew 

Forget what Bubu and his people said about COVID. Lagos babes don’t have a curfew but babes living in Lagos do. Make of this what you will.

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