Periods are always a struggle to get through. Here is HER’s guide on how to survive your period:

zikoko crying meme

1. Demand a break from work or school. 

They should be giving you breaks anyway. They will be fine in your absence, you are not the one that kuku built the company or the school for them.

bitch zikoko meme

2. Tell everybody to fuck off 

This way you can avoid anybody getting on your nerves and making you cry. You already have swollen tits to worry about. 

sad zikoko meme

3. Use your last 5k to settle your cravings 

You will figure out how to survive later. Now, you need to survive your period. 

plotting evil zikoko meme

4. Open a savings account for your hysterectomy 

Think about it. If you didn’t have a womb, then no periods. We know it’s not as easy as it sounds but abeg, we need a way out. 

screaming zikoko meme

5. Scream

That pain deserves an outlet. Plus after using your strength to scream and vent, you will be so exhausted that you will sleep. Less time spent in pain. 

drinking zikoko meme

6. Consider getting pregnant.

I would have done this a long time ago but the gag now is that you could be pregnant and still have periods and when you give birth, your periods resume. Is it worth it? Is anything worth it? 

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