Being a hot babe in this country is no easy feat. So, our resident hot girl, Amaka has put together a guide to help you achieve permanent sexy heat. 

1. Be born 

You have to have been born for you to be a hot Nigerian babe. You know some babes were dropped from the sky. Those ones are not hot babes, not when you exist. 

2. Be a Nigerian babe 

It’s not enough to be born. You have to be Nigerian to be a Nigerian hot babe.  Do you get?

3. Be able to speak pidgin 

All hot Nigerian babes speak pidgin. Don’t hate the messenger, hate the message — we didn’t make the rules. 

4. Be able to do legwork 

And not just any kind of legwork, the type that gingers everybody around you to dance. 

5. Own either an ashawo fit or a rich Aunty boubou 

Every hot Nigerian babe has either an ashawo fit or a rich Aunty boubou. The extra spicy girlies have both. 

6. Be either a happening babe or a babe that things are happening to.

Hot Nigerian babes are all happening babes or babes that things happen to. It’s either they are broke or their boyfriend is cheating on them. It doesn’t affect their hotness though. Hot girl today, hot girl always. 

7. Wear high heels that make koin-koin when you walk 

All hot Nigerian babes know madam koin-koin and want to be like her. 

8. Wear perfectly laid frontal wigs

That’s a hot girl must-have. Only hot girls understand.

9. Go to brunch with the girls

Just because you can and don’t forget to end the night tipsy. Hot girls have the most fun.

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