Exercises are a good way to boost serotonin and keep fit but if we’re being honest, exercising is hard. Here’s a list of exercises that women who hate working out can try. 

1. Walking 

Walking requires low effort but it does the job and you can do other things on your walk like make those calls you’ve been postponing or make a stop at that restaurant you’ve been eyeing. 

2. Running up and down the stairs

Another low effort exercise and the best thing is you can do this wherever you are. Instead of using an elevator, opt for stairs.

3. Yoga

Yoga is great because you are not just working out, you are also deep breathing and meditating. You can do this alone or with a partner while listening to soothing music. Working out doesn’t have to feel like war.

4. Jumping to conclusions 

You probably already do this but are you doing it to keep fit? 

5. Running from commitment 

This one is not just for keeping fit but it’s also for safety purposes. Make person no go serve you unnecessary breakfast. 

6. Jumping jacks

This is an effective exercise because it works out every part of your body. It’s like running on the spot but on steroids.

7. Running from talking stage 

If you feel like someone is wasting your time, put on your running shoes and take off. No time to waste time.

8. Fake crying during arguments

Do you know how much strength it takes to force tears to come out? You are definitely burning calories by doing this plus it helps to cleanse the eyes bonus if you wear glasses

9. Hopping into relationships after one DM 

After you’ve hopped into like three relationships from the DM, come back and tell me if you don’t feel fit. 

10. Turning Amala 

Especially if you still live with your parents and siblings and have to make a large bowl of Amala for dinner every other night. Did somebody say super core strength?

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