Wearing glasses to see is the ghetto. Remember when we thought wearing glasses would improve your eyesight. LOL. Here’s a list of things Nigerian women who wear glasses can relate to. 

1. Sunglasses are a dream 

It’s either you choose to see or you choose swag. What will it be, miss Mamas? 

2. Makeup where?

After all the eyeshadow, you now have to wear glasses so you can see where you are going. Personally, I just don’t bother. 

3. Our favorite people are people who help us pass our glasses without smearing it 

Are you Godsent or what? 

4. People think you’re smart 

Then they put expectations on you. No dear, you miss road — I just can’t see. 

5. They are sexy 

Yes, all women who wear glasses are sexy. Period. 

6. We see into the future 

I know most women are blessed with the sixth sense that helps us know when someone is taking us for a ride but we, glasses-wearing babes, take the cake. 

7. Kissing is hard 

We can’t just fall into a kiss like in the movies except we don’t want to see after the kiss. If you can’t tell, I really hate smudged glasses.

8. Bills, bills, bills

Imagine spending money to see. Your glasses could break or the lenses could get weak fast depending on your eye defect. Either way, you’re spending money. Paying so much money to just see.

9. Being jealous of other girls who wear glasses for aesthetics 

Sometimes, I even hate it. Wear sunglasses, my friend. 

10. Wanting contacts to make things easier but never being in the mood to wear 

Contacts are stressful as fuck and kudos to those that have hacked it. 

11. Tired ears 

Are they ears or a mini handbag? Your eyes carry the weight of your glasses, your facemask and your hoop earrings. Best in multifunctionality. 

12. You can’t opt out even when you’ve seen enough. 

You know you’ve seen enough, but you can’t decide on your own that you don’t want to see again because your life is dependent on your glasses. Sorry, love. 

13. You get sexualized

Glasses are sexy, but that doesn’t mean girls who wear glasses want to be constantly sexualized. You guys should please grow up.

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