As a woman, you need to hinge your existence on a man. You need to be his ribs, neck and more importantly, his backbone. We even have a Quiz to help you determine if you are a rib, neck or backbone. If you are a woman who struggles with being a bone, don’t worry. Zikoko has curated a guide with illustrations on how you can become a backbone.

1. You must forgive all cheating

As a backbone, it is your responsibility to forgive your man when he cheats. Ordinary cheating should not make you abandon your backbone post. NO! If he comes home with lipstick stains, buy that shade of lipstick so it can match his shirts. Forgive your wayward man.

2. You must become a proverbs 31 woman

If you read that scripture, it will arm you with the knowledge you require to be a backbone. I have taken the liberty to illustrate some of the highlights in that chapter.

3. Give up on your dreams for your man

Dreams are for brains, not spinal cords. Your dreams are valid but not as valid as your man’s dreams. Do the needful, give up on yourself and your individuality and become a backbone.

4. All your savings and earnings must go to your man

What are you using money for? Sis, give that funds to your man. He needs it more. If he’s generous, he will give you the amount that is sufficient for all your needs. Men make better financial decisions so why not trust your man with your life savings?

5. Buy him protection

When there’s a guy’s night out, slip your man a condom so that he can stay protected from these street hoes. It shows that you care about his sexual needs. Plus, by protecting him, you are also protecting yourself from an STI. Stay woke.

6. Watch Tyler Perry movies to build stamina

You need to expose yourself to content that prepares you for the suffering that comes with being a backbone. What better set of content is out there than Tyler Perry’s movies. Watching black women get put through unnecessary suffering builds character.



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