From the stables of our Women are Funny Campaign, we bring you hilarious stories inspired by women’s posts on FK’s internet.

Today’s story was inspired by this tweet about the proper way of greeting:

Idorenyen and Kwento have been married for over a year now. If you ask them, they’ll tell you it’s been the best experience of their lives.


Idonrenyen and Kwento:

Which is why this morning’s debate was a bit… confusing.

It was the weekend, and Idonrenyen and Kwento had plans: lay in each other’s arms and rest from the higi haga of a week they’d had. Everything was going as planned. Idonrenyen was laid up on Kwento’s chest, his fingers running through the spaces between her cornrows… life was good. Great, actually.

Then Idonrenyen remembered.

Idonrenyen always remembers.


Kwento’s senses are sensing ____.


What happened?


She knows what happened. Of course, she knows what happened, but for the perpetrator of the crime to look into her eyes and ask such a question?

Kwento didn’t know it yet, but he was calling for war.

What exactly does this Mile 12 Duke of Hastings know?

Idonrenyen picks up her phone and laptop and leaves the room.


Idonrenyen sits at the dining room table, ignoring the full-grown man following after her like a lost sheep. She sets up a makeshift workstation and turns to him.

Idonrenyen: Do you know I’m a spec?


Idonrenyen: No. Do you know? I don’t think you know.


Idonrenyen: Kanipe you knew, you wouldn’t be sending me things like…

She opens her phone and shoves it under his nose.


Idonrenyen: What does that mean?

Kwento: I said, “morning”.

Idonrenyen: Okay, so I don’t have a clock, and I need you to tell me the time of day.


Idonrenyen: Oya, say it well.


Idonrenyen: Is it a good morning? Is it a bad morning? Does the morning not know what it wants? Is it a fence-sitting morning?

Kwento: It’s a good morning.

Idonrenyen: So…

Kwento: Good morning.

Idonrenyen: Thank you. Oya, go and send it to me as a text.





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