Astrology babes are delicate and sweet babes that bring sunshine into your life. Her horoscope has probably already told her that you will toast her, so here’s a list of ways to ensure that you make a good first impression. 

black girl with flowers in her hair

 1. Like all her astrology tweets 

Yes. Whenever she tweets anything astrology, like it. This is the perfect way to let her know that you like her astrobabe status. 

2. Read her charts  and tread lightly before moving to her

This one is for your own good. Read her charts to know how best to interact with her so you don’t accidentally annoy her.

3. Send her horoscopes

Send her horoscopes with her sun and rising sign, with a message saying “I saw this and thought of you.” 

4. Buy her sage

For when she’s trying to stay calm and manifest good things. She will appreciate you for this. This will backfire if you’re inherently not good for her because the sage will kill you eventually. 

5. Buy her crystals

There’s nothing an astrology babe loves more than her crystals. You can buy amethyst for cleansing and protection

or you can ask her which one she wants. 

6. Buy her raisin jewellery 

This shows that you are really thinking about her. 

7. Book a reading for her

If you do this, you win. It means you are invested in her life and you want her to be her best self. 

8. Believe in astrology too.

Because let’s be honest, none of this will work if you don’t believe in astrology and she will know. Don’t kid yourself. 

9. Maintain the same energy when she’s your girl 

Don’t be a scam artist 😐

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