We don’t know if it’s because mercury is in “lucozade” or just Nigeria showing us shege in one of its many creative ways, but the weather is crazy hot and humid these days, and naturalista babes are literally facing the heat.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so here’s a list of quick and easy protective styles to save your tresses from this heatwave.

Bantu knots

Black model wearing bantu knots

Image source: Claraito’s Blog

What’s not to love about bantu knots? They’re relatively easy to style, look stylish, and most importantly, they’ll keep your neck free from the plenty of sweating you’re bound to do this period.


Black model wearing knotless braids styled into a bun.

Image source: pearlthestylist_

Hot weather is lazy weather, so just throw on your favourite box or knotless braids and keep them in a permanent bun. You won’t have to worry about styling your hair and it’ll stay away from your face. Win-win.

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Plain cornrows

Black model wearing cornrows.

Image source: Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images

Before you ask, “all-back?” Hear me out. There’s nothing better than being able to pour water on your head, especially at times like these. Plain cornrows will allow you do just that without the fear of ruining your hairdo.

Hair threading (AKA Irun kiko)

Young lady with African threaded hair.

Image source: Busayo Nyc

This one has props for being hella cheap, and best believe you’ll stand out from the crowd. The best way to make this hairstyle is head bent between your local hairdresser’s legs. It’s the culture.


Young lady wearing two-strand twists.

Image source: Coils and Glory

You can do this with your natural hair alone or with kinky extensions. You don’t need to do much with them. But they’re great for multiple styles if you want your hair out of your neck, or just want to pour water on it.

Braided up-dos (AKA Shuku)

Black woman with a plaited up-do hairstyle

Image source: Instagram (@slayedinbraids)

Your hair might cause traffic in a cinema hall, but is it protected and safe from humidity? Hell, yes.

‘Fro ponytail

Image source: Getty images

There are days you’ll be too tired to do anything more than pack your hair in a ponytail, and that’s okay. Slap on a little edge control for cute baby hair — and pretend the heat won’t just melt it off in one hot minute — and you’re good to go.

Good ol’ scarf

Black woman wearing an ankara head wrap.

Image source: Stylish gwin

Or head wraps, if you’re feeling fancy. You might argue that it’ll bring more heat to your scalp, but it’s protecting your hair, isn’t it?

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