If you spent your entire childhood playing with Barbie dolls and dreaming of living in her dreamhouse, then none of these should be new to you.

You and your friends had this cake every birthday

Was it really your birthday if you didn’t get a cake with a Barbie princess sitting boldly at the top of her icing dress?

This Barbie flip phone had to be in every party pack

Apple and its competitors could try, but they’d never take the place of this flip phone and the joy you got from hearing “Ay ay ay. I’m your little butterfly” come out of it.

You had the Barbie school bag and lunch box

The ultimate a status symbol, and even the parents knew it.

You got a Barbie dream house for Christmas 

Christmas wasn’t really Christmas if your parents didn’t present the Barbie Dream house to you in all its glory.

Gasping at Barbie’s pixie dust transformations

Barbie was such a huge fashion icon that just changing clothes wasn’t enough for her. She had to transform into a shinier dress amidst a twirl of intense pixie dust.

Barbie’s blue and purple wearing sidekicks

If you spent the better part of your childhood watching Barbie go on all her adventures dressed in pink, you’d remember she almost always had two friends who were always in blue and purple.

Those tiny Barbie brushes

Who needed life-sized brushes when the tiny little ones that came with the Barbie dolls were pinker and cuter?


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