Gorgeous girls please themselves. In this article, Amina Soul, Founder of Aaes Passion, a lingerie and self-pleasure shop, has compiled a list of seven sex toys that are sure to take you to orgasm heaven. If you’re yet to try sex toys, this article is for you. 

1.    Bullet

These small but mighty vibrators are called “bullets” for a reason. It is designed with an acute tip that touches the right spot. Bullet vibrators are also small enough to keep in your purse and take everywhere you go. I advise people trying sex toys for the first time to get a bullet. It’s also one of the cheapest toys on the block. 

bullet sex toy

2.    The wand

Wand vibrators are probably the most common ones. People who are not familiar with them often ask if it’s a microphone and that cracks me up every time. The wand is my favourite sex toy because of its rounded head and handle. It’s long enough for you to lay down in a relaxed position and just do your thing.

It is designed mainly for clitoral stimulation and it comes in different sizes that you can use with your partner. While they’re thrusting, the wand can stimulate the clit and take you to orgasm heaven.

wand sex toy

 3.    Suction vibrators

Suction vibrators are designed to make you feel like your vulva or clit is being sucked by a person but on a more intense level. Of all of the suction toys I’ve ever tried, the rose is the best. When Wizkid said, “Two seconds, everything don burst o,” he was talking about this rose suction vibe.

I don’t recommend this for first-time toy users unless they are being supervised because the orgasm you’ll get from a rose vibrator can be violent. 

suction sex toy

 4.    Rabbit vibrator 

It’s called the rabbit vibrator because it’s shaped like a bunny. It has a two-point approach to orgasm bliss. This includes a head that provides vaginal stimulation and arms for clitoral stimulation. The orgasm you get from a rabbit vibrator feels complete. You’ll sleep like a baby. 

rabbit sex toy

5.    Clitoral vibrators

A lot of women experience more orgasms from clitoral stimulation than vagina stimulation. This is because of the high concentration of nerve endings there. The clitoral vibrator makes it so easy to get an orgasm and that’s why it’s one of my most recommended toys. 

clitoral sex toy

6.    G-spot Vibrator

G-spot orgasms aren’t as easy to reach as clitoral orgasms because of where the G-spot is located in the vagina. It requires the most care and attention. This is where the G-spot vibrator comes in. It is shaped to hit the point of need while stimulating the clitoris. With a G-spot vibrator, your ticket to orgasm is guaranteed. 

g-spot sex toy

7.    Remote-controlled vibrator

While this is designed for couple play, I think it can also be used for solo action. This vibrator is made to fit in your pant’s gusset. It rests gently and massages the clit while you are out and about or while you’re in bed. Just click the button and let it do its thing. In no time, your eyes will be rolling back in pleasure. 

remote controlled sex toy

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