Many Nigerian women were fed with lies in the name of sex education. In this article, we debunk some of the sex myths you’ve heard throughout your life. 

1. Tampons will ‘disvirgin’ you 

 Tampons are not sexual objects. If you’ve never had sex before using a tampon, you will still be someone that has never had sex after using a tampon. Hymens are naturally perforated to allow blood flow and this is where the tampons are inserted in. Also, hymens may tear or break during non-sexual activities like exercising or riding a horse. The concept of virginity is a topic for another day. 

2. Sex is limited to penetration 

There are other ways to have sex that don’t include penetration like oral sex, tribbing and using toys. It depends on what you want to achieve with your partner. Sex doesn’t have to follow a script — you can improvise as you go. 

3. You can catch STDs from a toilet 

Sexually transmitted diseases can only be transmitted through sexual intercourse. It is impossible to catch an STD from a toilet and also unlikely to catch other infections as well. 

4. A loose vagina tells how many partners a woman has had 

All vaginas are different but the one thing they have in common is that they stretch as it gets lubricated. There is no evidence that sex loosens a person’s vagina over time. This is a myth that needs to die. 

5. Consent is limited to sex 

Consent extends to other human interactions. You want to be sure that whoever you are engaging with wants to do it with you too. It also makes for a better experience.

6. Your partner has to have a large penis to enjoy sex 

The war on small penises has to stop. They are also well capable of doing the job. The key is to speak with your partner and find out what works. People didn’t create themselves, be better. 

7. All lesbians scissor 

Some lesbians prefer penetration with toys or fingers. Some may want just foreplay while others may not indulge much in sex. Sex doesn’t have to have a script. Talk to your partner as often as you can and learn what a good sexual experience should look like according to your standards.

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