Don’t lie, you’ve probably wondered why women love bathing with scalding hot water. Do they like the heat? Do they want to cook? Questions, questions.

Anyway, your time of enlightenment has come. Here are seven reasons why women prefer bathing with scalding hot water.

1. It’s not that hot 

All this noise for something that is not even that hot. You people should try and relax. 

2. We need to cook our eggs

Since you refuse to believe us, we need hot water to cook our eggs. Yup, where do you think babies come from? Forget everything you know and listen to me. 

3. It helps clear our head

A lot of things happen in a woman’s life on a daily basis. That hot water bath is very necessary for us to clear our heads and plan ahead. 

4. The steam is revealing

How else do you think we know when our partners are cheating or thinking of another woman? It might not work for you sha, so don’t say I deceived you when you try it. 

5. It helps us get ready to face Nigeria 

If you can bathe with boiling hot water, you can stand whatever hell Nigeria puts you through. Ask any woman around you. 

6. It helps us deal with men better 

If you can face Nigeria, then you can face men. Nigerian men only know one version of hell, we know two. If they give us gbas, we give gbos. Man dem wicked but we are wickeder!

7. Bringing the sauna home

Why go to a sauna when you can bring the magic home? Besides, some of us can’t go to saunas so this is the best option. If only men could be that wise. All those ones know how to do is waste money. Kmt. 

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