We’re in big 2023, and Nigerians still won’t stop talking about how this generation of women have gone astray because they refuse to submit to their men? 

We’re tired of it, so to end the conversation, here are 7 ways to submit to a Nigerian man and treat him like the king he is.

Don’t look him in the eye

Your man is talking to you, and you’re looking him in the eye? That shows a lack of respect and is a sign of the end times. Ring the bells. Alert the elders. Everyone, gather in the market square. An abomination has taken place.

Treat him like the alpha male he is

The head of the home? The owner of the blood flowing through your veins? Kneel next to him every morning and wake him up with words of affirmation. Bathe him, dress him, then chew his food up and spit it into his mouth, so nothing happens to your lordship. It might look like you’re treating him like a baby, but trust us, that’s how alpha males like to be treated.

Bow to greet him

If you can’t look him in the eye, what makes you think you can greet him while standing straight?

Don’t speak to him 

You want to exchange words with a Nigerian man? If they say anything, just nod your head, any other alternative is too stressful for you, because have you heard the things these men say?

Always remember that the home is his kingdom

It doesn’t matter where the home is. He is the king. Who are you, as a mere commoner, to act anyhow when your king is still on the throne? 

Cook for him every hour

It doesn’t matter if you can’t cook. They said you must feed the man, so feed him.

Cheat on him 

If they ask you why, tell them you’re helping your king by relieving him from the stress of satisfying your sexual needs. 

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