You might have just started your makeup journey today, and that’s fine. Try these looks to help you along the way.

Glossy lips and mascara

Credit – lacienciadelcafe

All you need are two products — well, three, if you want to take the look a step further — mascara, lipgloss and lip liner. Carefully apply your mascara, line your lips, and then, add gloss till you look like you just devoured a bucket of fried plantain.

The “no foundation” look

Credit – r&r luxury

Skip the entire process of applying foundation on your face and trying to blend it in. And move straight to concealing, highlighting and contouring.

The “shining sun” look

Credit – chateline

Make the sun jealous with this simple two-step look. Get a liquid highlighter and blend it into your cheekbones and inner eyes, apply your lip gloss right after, and boom, everyone will have to wear shades just to peek at your beauty.

The “I woke up like this” look

Credit – pinterest

Achieve a flawless everyday makeup look with a simple glossy lip, natural eyeshadow and matte finish. If you really want to add an oomph to it, throw on some fake lashes, and go around lying to everyone that you were born like this. They’d believe you.

The “illusion of an attempt” look

Credit – pinterest

Nothing says, “I tried, but not really” like a coloured liner and nude matte lipstick combo. 

Just foundation

Credit – exquisitemagazine

It’s just foundation, and maybe a primer, and definitely sunscreen. But after those two, just foundation. Apply and blend like your life depends on it because it just might.

The “full coverage”

Credit – belletag

For this look, you’ll have to make sure all your makeup products are in your line of sight. Start with a gel brow, apply your foundation, do a soft eye look, add gloss, and that’s it, you’re done with your full coverage look.



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