There is a growing number of dating apps available to Nigerians living in Nigeria. In this article, three Nigerian women talk about using dating apps. 

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Dami, 27

I downloaded Bumble a few months ago. This is my first time using a dating app. I chose Bumble because my friend told me that the app is designed to make women make the first move. It’s also an inclusive app — I was able to indicate that I like both men and women on my profile. Sometimes, I forget I have Bumble on my phone and I miss people’s messages. 

So far, I have met some pretty cool people and had a couple of dates as well. I met a guy I liked and things are going well but he has a girlfriend. We have had sex but I am afraid of catching feelings for someone that’s already committed to someone else. I have a date with a woman in a few weeks and I hope that works out fine. 

IB, 23

I was on tinder for two years, off and on. It was a fun experience. It exposed me to different kinds of men, some I didn’t even know existed. I first joined during the Christmas holidays in 2018. That’s when all the IJGB’s (I just got back) are around. I went on dates, texted a lot of people and I thought I had found the one so many times. 

I deactivated my account during Christmas in 2019. During the pandemic, I downloaded it again and I was almost addicted to it. That’s when I met a lot of crazy men. There was this guy that asked for my number as soon as we swiped right. He insulted me when I refused to give it to him. He unmatched me after. Werrey. 

There was a time where Tinder allowed you to change your location to any country. I spoke to people from the Netherlands and South Africa. I found someone who lived streets away from me. I made a friend with someone in an open relationship. I met an old classmate. I even saw my ex-boyfriend on Tinder. All these relationships have faded to hellos here and there. 

I don’t consider tinder connections as real. We’re all just disposable cups. Use when you need. Discard when you’re done. I’m done with Tinder for now and I am seeking to make actual connections.

Nene, 23

I stayed away from dating apps because of how the ways they can be misused but last year, I was bored and I decided to sign up for one. I met a couple of cool people but I could sense the relationships were going to be a hit and move so I deleted the app. I’m looking for love the old fashioned way now. 

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