Biphobia is an aversion towards bisexual people. This includes denying that bisexuality is a valid sexual orientation and implying that bisexual people are promiscuous. 

Here’s a list of things to not say to a bisexual person

two queer women smiling

1. “Bring one of your friends, let’s have a threesome”

First of all, who told you I want to sleep with you? 

2. “You are now into women?”

Yes, and so? A person can find out they are bisexual at any point in their lives. 

3. “You are a cheat”

There’s this misconception that bisexual women want to date both men and women at the same time. Bisexuality ≠ polyamory. Also, polyamory ≠ cheating.

4. “It’s just a phase”

It’s your uncle that is a phase. This is usually followed with, “you will outgrow it and stick with men.” LMAO. Who made you a timekeeper of sexuality issues? 

5. “Freak”

This is the most degrading of all comments. People can be bisexual and not be interested in sex. People can be bisexual and have lots of sex. You don’t get to make sex the centre of their sexuality. 

6. “Are you really bi?” 


7. “I can make you straight”

Even God can’t, dearie. 

8. “You’re still going to end up with a man in the end”. 

Why are you so sure? What if I end up with a woman? What end then? 

9. “You’re not bisexual enough if you prefer men.” 

Bisexuality presents differently for different people. Some people prefer men, some prefer women, some people have no preference but they are all bisexual. Get with it. 

10. “How do you know you’re bisexual if you’ve never been with women?”

How do you know you’re straight if you’ve never been with someone of your gender?

11. “Oh so you’re lesbian”

No! Bisexuality is a valid sexual orientation. Period.

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