Long before payday, women already have a list of non-debatable things they spend their salary on and before you know it, salary don finish. How about we choose things to do for ourselves on payday to maximize enjoyment? Here’s a list of payday ideas for Nigerian women.

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1. Pay your gbese 

Don’t even waste time with that one. Pay up so you can breathe and do other things. 

2. Budget

It sounds tedious, but budgeting on payday will save you a lot of headaches. You don’t even have to  follow the budget; you can always also draft the budget and go ahead to live your life on the edge. Nobody go beat you. 

3. Food

Payday is a great time to buy yourself your favourite meal or try that new restaurant you have been eyeing. Just don’t forget that you still have a whole month ahead. 

4. Mani-pedi date 

You could also throw hair into the mix and treat yourself to a mini-makeover. Sapa might hit you in a week or two, but at least it will meet you looking pretty. Never to be caught unfresh yunno.

5. Buying something off your cart 

You know how you have been adding things to your Shein cart with no hopes of clearing it in sight. Payday is a great time to offload some of those things. Just make sure you are getting enough value for your money — delivery fee can be a bitch. 

6. Weekend getaway 

Even if you are only going to the hotel down the street so someone can feed you and clean up after you for two days, it’s still a nice thing to do for yourself after working so hard all month. 

7. Stay indoors and disconnect from the world

You can also stay indoors, switch off your phone and spend time connecting with yourself. It’s also the best time to order food in and binge on your favourite show. 

8. See a movie 

Watching Netflix at home and going to see a movie at the cinema are very different vibes. You can either go alone or with your friends.

9. Gift your friends

It doesn’t have to be anything big. You can just pay for their cab to work and back for a day or buy them lunch. Their joy is sure to light up your day. You can do this for friends or lovers or even family members. 

10. Don’t forget your PiggyVest

Since men always accuse women of having money in their PiggyVest, you might as well put money there so it won’t look like they are accusing you of what you didn’t do.

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