Being a Nigerian first born daughter comes with a lot of expectations. 

Here’s a list of things Nigerian firstborn daughters can relate to: 

1. Being the experimental baby

The one they test everything on — from baby food to schools. Your clothes will be passed down for years. 

2. Being the scapegoat child

When something goes wrong in the house and your parents need a scapegoat, it’s always you because you should have been watching them in the first place. 

3. Being the backup parent

When your parents are not around, your siblings turn you to their parents. They won’t give you the same respect but they will definitely accost you with responsibilities even though you are just two years older. 

4. Taking the fall for your siblings

Sometimes, your siblings do something wrong and you know that they will be in so much trouble and you decide to take the blame for it, knowing how angry your mum can be. 

5. Fearing your parents more than your siblings

After being the scapegoat for beating a couple of times, you develop a sense of fear around your parents. You would rather lie to them than tell them the truth but your siblings stay doing their own thing. They didn’t experience the things you experienced so wetin concern them? 

6. Being shocked that your parents are calmer

After using you as an experiment baby for parenting style, your parents become calmer over the years. Your younger sister will say she is going to see her friend and your parents will agree like it’s nothing. Mad o. 

7. Being the first black sheep of the family

Being the firstborn daughter means you have to fight for your rights so you will be the first black sheep. Your siblings may not even need to overthrone you if you rebelled hard enough. 

7. Having the urge to take care of everyone

The firstborn urge to take care of everyone around you is real. Don’t play. You should probably see a therapist sha and learn how to draw boundaries. 

9. Knowing how to cook but hating it

Years of cooking and washing plates for everyone in the house so you can be a good wife will make you dislike cooking. 

10. Body clock on point

Waking up early to get everything ready is one of the duties of a firstborn daughter aka wife-in-training. If you missed this, you are one of the lucky ones. 

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