For This Young Lady To Walk Again, She Needs Your Help!

February 16, 2016
What do you do when everything you know and are used to is ripped away from you? Will you be able to adjust and keep up or just give up?
At least, you’re given the opportunity to answer these questions. Efena Otobo didn’t have that luxury.

Efe was a young, active woman with a bright future in front of her, until a single catastrophic event changed the course of her life.

On the 21st day of April 2014, one single catastrophic event completely altered her life. A reckless driver caused a horrible car accident that led to the damage of her spinal cord. She could not feel anything from the waist down, and there was very little chance that she will ever walk again. Efe had to relearn everything she previously knew; she couldn’t do things that before came easy for her. She had to learn to balance at the edge of the bed, to roll over and to dress herself.

Physiotherapy was hard, but she pushed on.

She spent hours in hospital gyms and rehab facilities, with physical therapists, to build up her upper body strength, learn how to execute perfect transfers from the wheelchair to any surface and prevent her leg muscles from dying.

She’s been getting excellent medical care, but the hospital bill continues to pile up.

To get the best chance of total recovery from her current state of paralysis, she requires equipment for use at home.

Efena needs your help. A Go Fund Me page has been opened by her sister on her behalf. Donate any amount you can to help Efena Otobo get her life back.

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