Vic O Drops His Awesome Cover of Adele’s “Hello” and is Giving Away ₦500,000!

November 30, 2015

Vic O has joined the ever-growing list of Nigerian musicians that have released their versions of Adele’s hit song “Hello”. 

Taking inspiration from Don Jazzy, he has decided to give 5 people a hundred thousand naira each. All you have to do is tweet why you love him and your favourite Vic O track.

These are some of the interesting replies:

@VICOTVS I love you because before you Nigerian Music meant nothin then you came & changed the game.Now We Export Music.Fav track WHY EVEILS

— Noble Igwe (@Nobsdaslushhkid) November 30, 2015

@VICOTVS baby boo! I love you so much and ‘everybody hafter party’ because your soul was in the song. I love you so much

— Tommy Fenty (@Tommss_A) November 30, 2015

@VICOTVS You are a very big inspiration, even when society tries to bring you down you rise up even stronger like a Phoenix from it’s ashes

— Onyedika. (@ThatGuySeff) November 30, 2015

@vicotvs I love you because you are the best thing to ever happen to this world & you’re so handsome and your music is amazing

— kokolet. (@kanyisolaxob) November 30, 2015

@VICOTVS I listened to your Hello cover yesterday and it literally blew my mind. You are an amazing artiste and Nigeria is lucky to ‘ve u.❤

— Big Fish Gee (@Gbemi_George) November 30, 2015

@VICOTVS By stopping that beef btw Drake & Meek, you promoted World Peace. A true Ambassador. Pursuing your dreams relentlessly! Boss stuff!

— Ibinabo.Debbie.Romeo (@TheDebbieRomeo) November 30, 2015

Listen to the song here:

Vic O can certainly pursue a career in Social Media Marketing.

Featured image via The Real Gist.

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