A Sikh Man Has Been Wrongly Accused of Being An Alleged Paris Attacker After Photoshopped Picture Circulates Online

November 16, 2015

This is Veerender Jubal.

A Canadian man of Indian descent, who is Sikh.

An image of him began circulating on social media Saturday afternoon.

In it, he was wearing a suicide bomb vest and labelled as one of the Paris attackers.

Then, in a series of tweet, Veerender defended himself.

So, like, it spread.

— Veerender Jubbal (@Veeren_Jubbal) November 14, 2015

Has spread to the point, where many people have had to tweet about the photos being photoshopped.. Any support/nice messages are welcome.

— Veerender Jubbal (@Veeren_Jubbal) November 14, 2015

You can all check the last retweets. Let us start with basics. Never been to Paris. Am a Sikh dude with a turban. Lives in Canada.

— Veerender Jubbal (@Veeren_Jubbal) November 14, 2015

Gamers are absolute garbage like I have been saying for a full year. People will not stop harassing, and bothering me. I am cute as gosh.

— Veerender Jubbal (@Veeren_Jubbal) November 14, 2015

Learn the difference between me being a Sikh, and a Muslim. Cry in mug, while I use your tears to water my garden. I am valuable, and rad.

— Veerender Jubbal (@Veeren_Jubbal) November 14, 2015

On Sunday, some media outlets in Europe published his photo.

Again associating him with the terrorist attacks.

Later the same day, Veerender tweeted that it had spread to even more countries.

I hope everyone has caught up with what is going on with me. I went viral due to a photoshopped image claiming I am a terrorist.

— Veerender Jubbal (@Veeren_Jubbal) November 15, 2015

This image has been used, and placed on the front page of a major Spain newspaper–putting me as one of the people behind terrorist attacks.

— Veerender Jubbal (@Veeren_Jubbal) November 15, 2015

And even his home land.

Well, just got a phone call from a cousin in India, and they know about it; and saw the whole thing in India Times. We might sue, I guess.

— Veerender Jubbal (@Veeren_Jubbal) November 15, 2015

This tweet sums up the whole situation.

Portraying @Veeren_Jubbal as a terrorist puts his life at risk, ruins his reputation. This is online terrorism. pic.twitter.com/U5bJYCnIsC

— Amy (@AmyStephen) November 15, 2015

This escalated rather quickly and just goes to show how every brown person is stereotyped as a terrorist. It also shows that traditional media does not carry out research anymore.

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