Abike Dabiri Shut Down Someone On Twitter And Nigerians Came For Her!

March 29, 2016
Abike Dabiri, the Senior Adviser to President Buhari on Foreign Relations and Diaspora, came under fire for making this statement on Twitter.
This is the first tweet that most people saw. Looking at this alone, it’s not surprising that she was attacked. But let’s back track a bit. Was she wrong to say this or is this a case of her statement being taking out of context? Let us go back to the genesis of the whole matter.

Remember the Nigerian woman who became the first African ever to be an Inspector in the New York Police Department?

Funmilayo Obe set a record and made Nigerians proud.

Well, it turns out that Abike Dabiri paid her a courtesy visit while in the U.S.

Dabiri praised Inspector Obe for being worthy of emulation.

She got this reply. A Nigerian said that the country will suffer from brain drain if things continue the way they are.

@abikedabiri @NYPD28Pct In no time, Nigeria will lose her best brains and hands to other country and will be left with nothing! Take note

— ‘Niyi OGUNKOYA (@niyiogunkoya) March 28, 2016

Dabiri then engaged the young man in a conversation.

And he answered.

@abikedabiri Ma’am, I am sure you don’t want to persuade them to come home! As @MBuhari has not got solution to the problem at home…

— ‘Niyi OGUNKOYA (@niyiogunkoya) March 28, 2016

And it continued.

Then another young man jumped in.

@abikedabiri @niyiogunkoya @MBuhari No stable power, High insecurity, Low wages, poor infrastructures etc what am I coming home for?

— Onuoha David (@davo2short) March 28, 2016

Before she gave the answer that caused a major tweet-storm!

Looking at it this way, it doesn’t seem that bad.

But most people, without investigating, jumped on her case.

While a few took time to read the thread and found nothing wrong.

Some who followed the thread still saw her statement as wrong, no matter the context.

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