All The Things That Happened At The Sports Events That Went Down This Past Weekend

December 21, 2015
A lot of events happened on the 19th and 20th of December. Most of them were sports-related. Apart from the sporting activities, it was a time for people to eat good food, while in good company, friends to meet-up and the single ones to find the bae!

At Twitter Premier League (TPL6).

The kickoff in high heels.

The beautiful people. Potential bae material.

Look who made an appearance. OC Ukeje!!!

Calculating how to seize the bae.

Scoping some couple goals.

Setting those Twitter DMs in the physical.

Letting off some steam.

Mending friendships.

At The Socialiga.

A time to let go and have fun.

Where the real thing is going down.

This babe that won a guys heart.

This guy that’s trying to hard to be a Yoruba demon.

This couple having a really good time.

Bae materials.

This guy that caught a bae.

Meanwhile, at Copa Lagos 2015.

This fashion show.

Getting ready for the battle.

The cheerleaders.

These ladies with beach bods to die for!

And the winner of Copa Lagos 2015 is…. The Beach Elephants from Cote d’ivoire!

These all look like fun. If you didn’t attend any, you should definitely make plans to attend next year!


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