Since the beginning of time, Nigerian Jollof has been in competition with Ghanaian Jollof.

The battle has always been fierce. Keenly contested. But Nigerian jollof always comes out victorious.

Ah mean, of course.

So it was shocking.

Ah mean, confusing.

Even sacrilegious sef.

When this person went to go and compare Nigerian jollof with Liberian jollof:


Ex-cuuuse me????

And of course, the thing was also confusing many people:

Like, when did Liberian jollof even enter the battle?

So of course, trust Nigerians not to take this slant sitting down.

This is SPAR…sorry, this is NIGERIA!

Naija for the win! What you talking about?

Nigerian jollof has gone Double Plat’num baby!

Wee you put some respek on that jollof!

When will the rest of Africa learn that you just don’t play with Nigerian jollof rice anyhow. It’s not a joking sturvz…Put some respek on that jollof!


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