Serena Williams Collects The Crown As Sportsperson Of The Year!

December 15, 2015

Serena Williams has been crowned Sports Illustrated’s Sportsperson Of The Year.

We will all agree that Serena Williams is one of the greatest athletes in the world. She’s had one of the greatest years in sports. For this, Sports Illustrated named her the 2015 Sportsperson of the Year!

They highlighted some of her achievements in this article:

“Williams, 34, won three major titles, went 53–3 and provided at least one new measure of her tyrannical three-year reign at No. 1. For six weeks this summer—and for the first time in the 40-year history of the WTA rankings—Williams amassed twice as many ranking points as the world No. 2; at one point that gap grew larger than the one between No. 2 and No. 1,000. Williams’s 21 career Grand Slam singles titles are just one short of Steffi Graf’s Open-era record. Such numbers are reason enough for Sports Illustrated to name Serena Williams its 2015 Sportsperson of the Year.”

She’s the first black woman and third individual to win the award solo.

As usual, with successful people, haters gonna hate.

Serena undoubtedly deserves this title, but some disagree.

According to angry track fans on Twitter, a three-year-old American thoroughbred racehorse should be the actual winner.

Much of the outrage resulted from the fact that Sports Illustrated had polled readers about whom they thought deserved the award, and American Pharoah received the most votes. The poll had no bearing on who would actually win, in reality.

But Serena’s fans vehemently disagree. They believe that she more than deserves this award.

They’ve also pointed out that American Pharoah, as talented as he is at racing, has no idea what awards even mean – because he is a horse.

We say touché!

Serena keeps breaking and setting records. Keep slaying Queen Slayrena!!!

[zkk_poll post=13748 poll=content_block_standard_format_11] Featured image via Serena Williams.

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