First, the music duo fired their manager, who is also their brother. Then they split because of the same family drama.

Now to cement that they’re not joking, Peter dropped his first solo single on March 8.
The song is about his swag and how people wants to know how he does his thing. You know, the usual danceable song.

Peter also has a new name. It’s Mr P!

Paul Okoye dropped his own single seven days later.
Paul aka Rudeboy, pours out his heart in this song “Call Heaven“. In it, he expresses his feelings about the ongoing drama.

Paul also posted this photo of his mum on Instagram.

In his song, Paul remembers the promise he made to his mum. And he wished both his parents were still alive.

In the meantime, Peter now has a new manager.

His name is Olatunde Michael. He was previously the Head of Channel at Soundcity, as well as a Station Manager for Trace TV Nigeria.

Man! They seem to be saying “Up yours” to each other.

The situation looks final too! Things will never remain the same.

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