When our slippers undergo wear and tear, we get rid of them and get new ones. But have you ever wondered where they end up?
Most times, they end up in the ocean, and wash up on land, leading to water and land pollution. A Kenyan company decided to do something about it.

Ocean Sole recycles rubber slippers that are found littered on beaches and in waterways of Kenya.

The company hopes to create awareness of our human footprint through the recycled rubber slippers.

The company fashions these rubber soles into different and beautiful objects.

Ocean Sole’s aim is to protect the oceans and teach the world about the threats of marine debris.

Ocean Sole aims to recycle 400,000 dunlop slippers a year and create masterpieces for sale across the world.

They work with over 100 individuals at their workshops in Nairobi, in city slums and in remote coastal areas, thereby providing employment opportunities.

Check out their site Ocean Sole.

Watch the video.

Featured image via Ocean Sole.


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