So it’s called the RompHim, and it’s really just basically a male romper.

You know, those playsuits women wear that are incredibly difficult to get out of?
Yes. A Romper. Romp-Her. Romp-Him. See what they did there? SMH Silly people.

So the whole RompHim thing started when a couple of guys decided that there weren’t enough male clothes…

…that allowed guys to be more stylish and fun without also sacrificing comfort, fit and versatility”Team ACED
They decided to “fix” the problem. And VOILA!

Introducing the revolutionary summer outfit for men…the RompHim!

The Team set up a kickstarter campaign to help raise funds to start production and so far have received $127,267 pledges for a $10,000 goal, with 1,131 backers!

So apparently A LOT of people dig the stuff and are really intent on seeing it become a major fashion statement.

Who knew?

Well, since the campaign went live two days ago, the Internet has been having a field day, and we’re so here for it!

Guys are making jokes on themselves:

And girls have hopped in on the bants too:

And even though we’re still undecided about it, these guys sure know how they feel about the RompHim:

This guy can’t wait to do “and co” with bae:

And even Ebuka can’t wait to get his own RompHim:

Meanwhile, this will be every Nigerian parent ever!

And for all those guys that’ll think they look cool in it but won’t:

Some ladies are already imagining bae inside it:

Others, not so much:

But by far the most hilarious are the reactions highlighting the switch in gender lifestyles:

The tables are turning and women are laying on the bants!

And they are hilarious!

And so apt!

Although everyone agrees the trend isn’t new:

So we can’t wait to see if it’ll actually stick!



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