A day ago, it was reported that a number of Nigerians (48, 50 or 500 depending on who you asked) were deported from the UK, due to immigration related offences. These are the various reactions.

When the person that promised to file UK visa for you is part of those that were deported.

When you’re single and ready to mingle.

When your among the Nigerians that were deported.


When you discover your one time best friend that forgot you as soon as he got to the UK is part of them.

When you’re expecting some people to blame Buhari.

When they do blame Buhari.

When you know that there are probably even more immigrants over there.

When you’re just being a monitoring spirit.


When you’re still expecting the deportees to come back with something.

When you get this advice…

And this one.

When you think about what’s going to happen.

When you wonder about Buhari.

When you welcome them home.

When you emphatize with their plight.



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