Football commentaries on tv, radio and social media are fairly common. But to find one that is totally dedicated to giving the commentaries entirely in pidgin English is rare. This is why Manchester United In Pidgin is just so special. These are some of the funniest.

1. From one brother to another. Between Louis van Gaal a.k.a Baba Philosophy and José Mourinho a.k.a Baba Special.

2. When Louis van Gaal promised to bring back the glory days of Man Utd.

3. When Manchester United beat Swansea 2-1.

4. Louis van Gaal on the Man Utd win against Swansea.

5. Where is Chelsea?

6. When Marcos Rojo and his wife did a mini-photoshoot.

7. When Andreas Pereira led Man Utd U-21 in winning against Tottenham U-21.

8. When there were rumours of Marquinhos’ transfer to Man Utd.

9. When the signing of Anthony Martial paid off.

10. When Wayne and Martial were just too awesome for words.

11. When Southampton beat Arsenal 4-0.

12. When Marcos Rojo and his football family wished us a happy new year.

Check out more of their tweets @ManUtdInPidgin.


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