Have You Imagined What Could Happen If The Social Media Bill Gets Passed?

December 4, 2015

The Senate have proposed a bill to curb our freedom of speech via social media.

It is sponsored by Bola Ibn Nu’Allah.


Nigerians are protesting against it.

We’re not having it.

But have you wondered what could potentially happen if it does come true?

Let us show you.

You wouldn’t be able to say things like this…

Or make comments on GEJ:

You wouldn’t be able to call our ministers annoying:

Or complain about their morals:


Or dare imply that Buhari is a penny-pincher:

Or make sarcastic comments:

You wouldn’t be able to make comments on the ministerial list:

Or rejoice when the politician you hate is dead:

Or insult our politicians like this:

In fact, you wouldn’t be able to say anything, except if it’s to suck up to them.

Please, tell us.

Some radical types would still be willing to risk it.

Others would open alternate social media accounts that wouldn’t link back to them. But would we have to do that if we practised democracy in the country?

So let’s fight for our freedom.


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