How Do You Get That Fine Girl’s Number? Let This Guy School You

March 14, 2016
Psst! Guys and gentlemen over here. A guy just showed you how to get that lady’s phone number! And it’s quite simple actually.

This is Topo Ngidi, a lovely lady from Botswana.

A guy tried to get her number, you know, the way guys like to do.

And she said no.

What’s the guy to do?

Certainly something creative, just like this guy.

How many of you can do this?

He even does something more impressive. At least for her.

Of course, the people of Twitter had things to say.

He must be a player.

It was an opportunity for her to make some easy cash.

@MissNgidi & you haven’t sold it? That’s easy cash. You biting or nah?

— ¥eezus (@Yaya_Onfire) March 12, 2016

Or is a potential stalker.

Some were morbid.

@MissNgidi *plot twist* what if he reports it as stolen

— gOrgeOusTK (@Just_Thikheyi) March 12, 2016

According to one, he wants her goodies.

@MissNgidi I know a lady who almost got raped by a phone donor. If u don’t plan 2 have sex with him, post his phone back ASAP & avoid him.

— Olusola Adio (@solaadio) March 12, 2016

His creativity was admired.

@MissNgidi now that’s how to get a girl to wait for your call, love that

— snapchat : temmitats (@_Temilorun) March 12, 2016

He could be Nigerian.

@missngidi i’m sure he is nigerian.

— 4eyez (@jerrytaen) March 12, 2016

Or he could be the potential bae.

@MissNgidi Please, take his call. He might be the one.

— Adé táyọ̀ (@Tayo_Mr) March 12, 2016

So she was advised to pick up.

@MissNgidi all these hungry people saying sell it. Smh.

He is a smart man & a go-getter. Go on one date. It may be worth your while. — ° (@Evie__Frye) March 12, 2016

Some offered what they had.

Some beileved that she was lying.


— BAFFOUR_ (@BygBadTyga) March 13, 2016

But even if she was or it actually happened, goals have been set.

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