Leather, as I have always known it to be, is a flexible material gotten from tanning animal skin. It is used to make most fashion items (shoes, clothes, bags, wristwatches), furniture, book covers and more.

Cattle hide and reptile skin are the most popular skins used for leather but now there is a new kid on the block– fish leather.

Yes, it’s a thing.

Apparently, it is as exotic as snake leather and will soon be in higher demand, according to the manufacturers.

It is actually possible that you already have an item that was made with fish leather without even realizing it. Kenya is really rocking it.

Several manufacturers of fish leather seem to actually stumble on this form of leather but are now waxing poetic about how its such an important variant, mostly because the cost of production is so low–since fish scales are regarded as waste–and because; unlike reptile skin and some animal hide, fish leather isn’t hard to import or export.

What do you think of this though? Will you totally rock fish leather?



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