If you’re into online dating apps, you know your bio is basically your CV. No one’s going to read a boring bio. That’s why you should use one of these 13 Tinder bios to step up your online dating game and find your dream partner.

1. “It’s your time to shine”

Find your dream partner

2. “The Nigerian prince they told you about”

Nigerian prince wants to help you Find your dream partner

3. “Jesus saves. I spend”

Your dream partner spends

4. “If you like, swipe left. My God will judge you as you’ve judged me”

5. “If you’re not getting a Canadian passport soon, please, swipe left”

6. “I’m the Lord’s chosen. But I still want you to choose me”

7. “I’m not here for a hookup. I just want to get hooked on you”

8. “I have fuel, and there’s rice at home”

9. “Hi, My name is Tess. If your surname is Tickle, I’ll have to marry you”

10. “I gag on my toothbrush, so don’t get too excited”

11. “I take mad pictures. Your Instagram is gonna be lit!

12. “At least, your kids will be fine”

13. “Are you somebody’s son? Find me right now”

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