I love my mother.

I mean, the woman gave me life, what’s not to love?

But I had never actually TOLD my mother I love her.

Until this particular day.

I was bored and playing with her jewellery.

Which of course she had warned me NEVER to do.

As I was playing, one of her necklaces did “krin”

I jejely put it back and started praying that she won’t find out.

But of course she did. And the devil was looking at me like:

Someone’s gonna get beaten reeeal bad!

She beat me in stages. First the slap:

Then she removed slippers:

Then she beat me with the slippers:

At first I thought I could chest it.

As an odeyshi master.

But when I could not hold it anymore I had to let it all out.

That was how I started to shout, “I love you mummy! I will not do it again!”

Thinking that she will feel pity and stop.

She just looked at me like:

Then she said, “I love you too that’s why I’m beating you”

When she finished beating me she now asked, “Do you still love me?”

I didn’t even know how to respond.

I cried at the end of this story, but you will laugh at the end of this one:



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