Some people believe that beauty is skin deep, while some believe that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But how about a lady that has both kinds of beauty?

Shalom Nchom does.

The 20-year old Nigerian was burnt all over her body when hot oil fell on her and her little sister at her mum’s store. She was 9-years old when it happened.

Shalom had burns on her face, ears, head and shoulders. She also lost most of her hair.

After this happened, things were not the same for her. She became a sort of pariah. Her friends ran away from her and she began to have suicidal thoughts.

Shalom’s aunt who lived in America was able to get her and her family visas to America, so she could have reconstructive surgery.

It was when she met other burn victims with cases worse than hers that she began to see things differently.

She began using makeup at the age of thirteen as a way to cover up her scars.

She used it as her way of dealing with the bullying she faced in school, because of her looks. But despite using makeup, she says that it isn’t the reason why she’s happy. She’s happy because she loves herself.

Shalom Nchom is now a freelance makeup artist and Youtube vlogger.

Shalom began doing makeup for her friends and classmates who admired her work. Her Youtube channel is a medium through which she inspires other burn victims.

Shalom believes that we should all love ourselves, makeup or no makeup.

Watch her video.


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