All The Times You Might Have To Split The Bills With Friends

November 14, 2019

Splitting a bill with friends or colleagues is super cost-effective when you’re hanging out with them. It puts your mind at rest that everyone is going to have a good time without worrying about money and who will pay for what. But that’s only when everyone behaves themselves without trying to argue their way out of their share of lying that they forgot their wallet in la-la land.

Sometimes it’s not even deliberate, sometimes life happens and you have to pay the bills you intended to split. Here are a few scenarios you might run into problems when trying to split the bill:

1. When you share a cab with friends but the fare turns out higher than the estimate:

So y’all hailed a cab and calculated the estimated charge. But you are the last person to drop off, which is how you know that the final fare surpasses the money you and your friends gathered; now you’re stuck with paying for more than you planned.

2. When you order in and the delivery man comes before everybody else:

You’re having a mini get together. You and your friends decide to order in some food and split the cost, but the delivery guy comes earlier than you estimated and some people are still on their way to your house with cash. This means you might have to bear the cost all by yourself — until they get to your house at least.

3. When you go clubbing with colleagues and suddenly can’t find everyone when it’s time to pay:

You want to celebrate TGIF on a grand scale with friends so you choose to go out with colleagues after work. Sharing the bills with them saves you the mild heart attack you may have the next morning, so you’re not worried. But when it’s time to pay the bills, you can’t find a few of them in the crowd in the club. So you start panicking.

4. When you’re having drinks with friends but they don’t have enough cash to pay for their drinks:

Having a drink after work with friends is a great way to wind down from your workload. But when it’s time to pay, somebody’s card isn’t working and someone doesn’t have cash, so you, the only person that can transfer has to pay. Then you start thinking about how to collect your money from them without being this aggressive.

5. Eating at a restaurant and the bill is combined so you have to start dividing the cost manually:

Sometimes. it’s best when you share a meal in a restaurant instead of just ordering in all the time. But then, the waiter combines the bill and you have to start doing the math of figuring out how much Tolu is going to pay, how much food Tony ate, etc.

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