1) After saving for a long period of time and you finally check your balance:

*delayed gratification always wins*

2) You on your SafeLock withdrawal day:

3) Invest that gym money in mutual funds today or buy dollars

4) Stay at home

Don’t spend your time and limited funds hanging out with people you don’t even like that much. Stay at home and save your money.

5) The point

In this philosophical exercise, he ponders on the point of all your savings if you don’t chop life from time to time. This is because if you die, your next of kin will aggressively spend your hard-earned money on things like Ponzi schemes or even playing baba ijebu.

6) Choose yourself

You that you are always sending everyone money, who sends you money? From time to time buy yourself something nice. You deserve it.

7) Moving out advice

Once your parents start to complain that you are the one that has hidden harmattan, or that your perfume smells too nice for someone who doesn’t even pay rent. You know this is a sign to start putting money away for your own place because:

Expensive aso-ebi also falls under this category.

8) Amen

Is any Nigerian “advice” complete without a prophecy?



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