A few people have come out to say they noticed some sexual tension between Oba and Ade Tiger from the stellar TV show King Of Boys. We don’t know how they noticed the sexual tension or why they did. If you watched King Of Boys and you noticed any tension, please do one or two of the things on this list.

1. Pray for yourself

You need to close your eyes and pray. The thoughts running through your mind are bad. There is down bad and there’s you and it is only prayer that can bring you out of the deep depth of horniness you are in.

2. Close your laptop

Close your laptop and start thinking about your life, make sure you reflect on why such a thought even crossed your mind in the first place. You can go the extra mile by throwing the laptop away so you never have to use it to watch tv shows that’ll make you think such thoughts.

3. Switch the tv off

The first step is to switch off the tv, the second step is to break it into pieces. We are not even being extra or dramatic. After switching off the tv and breaking it, make a pact with yourself to never watch tv shows again. Period.

4. Wash your eyes

Make sure you wash your eyes with soap and water. We’ll have told you to wash your mind, but we don’t know how possible that is. Removing your eyes completely would have been a really good option if it wasn’t so dramatic.

5. Read your Bible or Quran

Religious or not, pick up a Bible or a Quran and read one of them. You are clearly in dire need of spiritual redemption.

6. Sleep

Just go to bed, sleep for nothing less than 12 hours so you can wake up refreshed with new thoughts. Everyone knows that tired minds think worrisome thoughts.



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