2021 was wild. This year alone, we witnessed Covid’s many rebrands (Omricon or Omarion), saw a billionaire’s butt on the internet, watched Nigeria disgrace itself at the Tokyo Olympics and also welcomed the reunion of our favorite break-dancing twins. While the year had some cute moments, we are more than happy to say goodbye. R.I.P 2021, the evil you have done is enough. 

1. The time Dangote broke the internet

We should’ve known 2021 was going to be wild the moment it started with our imaginary glucose guardian’s butt on the internet. To be honest, we never experredit. This was also during the peak of Clubhouse, so as you can imagine, the drama was at an all-time high. What a moment. 

2. The time we got naked for the silhouette challenge

Once upon a time, we all left our real jobs and decided to become red light strippers for one day. Driven by thirst and the need to sell our market, this challenge was one of the highlights of the year. 2021 was still fresh and we were still gingered so a lirru bit of nakedness wasn’t a big deal. It was also shocking to learn that most of you can’t spell silhouette. Wow. 

3. The time Bubu and Lai Mohammed fought Twitter

Just small play between Jack Dorsey, Bubu and our fave, Lai Mohammed and now, we are all jumping from one country to the other thanks to battery-draining VPNs? This life is not balanced at all. While the suspension was supposed to be “temporary”, it’s been almost eight months and nothing has changed. God save us. 

4. The time Tiwa dragged Seyi Shay’s in an epic salon battle

Celebrities are known to beef and sub each other online, rarely in person. But do you all remember the time Seyi Shay said “Hi” to Tiwa Savage in a Lagos salon and Tiwa decided to read and drag her for filth? We do too! Just as we were getting used to the Twitter ban, this one happened too. Honestly, June was a very chaotic month. 

5. The time Essence made history

While Wizkid has been called “Big W” for a while now, this year, he actually earned this title. Dominating airwaves, social media posts, clubs, the Billboard Hot 100 and even our mothers’ driving playlists, Wiz and Tems’ Essence was a madness this year. One of our feel-good moments of the year, we couldn’t have been prouder. Next up, the Grammys

6. The time TikTok had us in a chokehold 

Raise your hand if you don’t have a TikTok account. Now, kindly drop your hands in shame since you’ve shown everyone you’re not a cool kid. Nigerian TikTok was everywhere this year. From the Nollywood clips that went on to inspire themed parties to the incredible Nigerian creatives and challenges that had us in stitches, we couldn’t get enough of TikTok this year. 

7. The time Obi Cubana called us broke bitches 

Before July 2021, not a lot of people could attach a face to the name Obi Cubana and now, months later, we’re still not over the unforgettable funeral that had the whole of Nigeria shook. From random celebrity sightings to a shitload of wealth on display, everyone who was anyone was at Oba blowing money like it was running out of fashion. We were all forced to look at our accounts and re-evaluate our lives. Poverty will humble you. 

8. The time Nigeria disgraced itself (not us) at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics

In a not-so-surprising turn of events, we had to deal with second-hand embarrassment when Nigeria went to compete at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Fumbling the bag yet again, Nigeria lost out on a Puma deal worth a shitload of money and all we could do was watch. It was so bad, athletes had to wash their kits by hand the night before competitions. The ghetto. 

9. The time everyone started moaning on Twitter 

One minute you’re going about your life as a morally upright member of society and the next thing, you’re in a Twitter space with over 18,000 people listening to different people recite incantations in the name of moaning. Why were we in this space? Well, that’s not your business dear. All we know is, at this point, It’s safe for us to assume that only 20 people will be making heaven from this part of the continent. 

10. The time Davido pulled a Robin Hood

Forget it, people have money in this country. In November, ahead of his tenth 21st birthday, Davido came on Twitter, dropped his account number and asked everyone who he’s given a hit song to send him ₦1 million each. Omo, before we could spell assurance, he had raised over ₦100 million. Our heads were on fire. He eventually closed the whole thing off with over ₦200 million. While a lot of people debated on what he should do with the money, he eventually announced that he’d be donating it all to charity. Awwwww. 

11. The time Peter and Paul decided that blood is thicker than Viju milk

When PSquare was on top, they were untouchable! But in 2016, after many years on stage, our favourite twins ended their musical partnership with so much chaos and drama, the internet couldn’t contain both of them. However, after years as upcoming musicians, they eventually got back together in one of the most surprising twists of the year. Did they come back to beg for money on Twitter? Well, who cares? We can finally dance Do Me in peace again and that’s all that matters. 

12. The time they mistakenly let it slip that we might’ve gotten expired vaccines

We have one question for the Director-General of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), please ma’am, what do you mean by “again”?



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