The world has been battling the Covid-19 virus for a while now. In Nigeria, we have had fewer cases compared to other places. There has been a superb response from the Lagos State Ministry of Health and the Nigerian Center For Disease Control in managing the pandemic.

The Lagos State Ministry of Health reported earlier today that a new case of the Covid-19 has been discovered making this the third case in Nigeria.

Here’s what you should know:

1) This is a totally new case independent of the previously infected people.


2) The infected person recently got back from the U.K and took some measures.


3) No need to panic. The patient is receiving care and being monitored at Mainland General Hospital.


The Government has also advised that people who recently got back from the BA 75 flight on the 13th of March should isolate themselves.

So, while we await updates, let’s all remember to take the necessary precautions:


Remember not to panic. Also, share the precautions to take with your loved ones.


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