The Future of Hiring Lawyers During COVID-19 and Beyond for 200 Million Nigerians

Christian Nwachukwu, Cofounder of TalkCounsel

With the spread of COVID-19, most industries have adjusted their standard practices of conducting business. The legal profession is no exception, with TalkCounsel at the helm redefining the legal experience for countless Nigerians. TalkCounsel’s digital workspace hosts vetted lawyers that offer a comprehensive range of services equipped to cater to the multifaceted Nigerian community’s ever-changing needs.

It’s often the case in human affairs that the most relevant lessons emerge from the most devastating times. The onslaught of COVID-19 has made apparent the critical role technology plays in business and our day-to-day lives. The new reality arising from the ongoing pandemic is the importance of digital systems and solutions. Some organizations were in the throes of digital transformations pre-pandemic. COVID-19 accelerated their efforts and forced others to implement digital capabilities for the first time as a means of survival. This unprecedented period made room for rifts to be addressed by the likes of Zoom and Slack that offered tech-solutions to a world reeling from the abrupt and rapid shift to virtual operations and interactions.

The legal community in Nigeria was not spared of the growing need to adopt tech-solutions in the advancement of lawyering. As evidence of such, several courts sitting in Nigeria adopted Zoom or Skype for court proceedings. The pandemic and restriction of human contact resulted in a burden for both the legal community and the public. Multiple clients expressed difficulty finding, hiring, and collaborating with lawyers in Nigeria remotely. The inability to do so prompted a decline in legal services requests, which affected the revenue stream for attorneys in Nigeria.

In addressing this setback, TalkCounsel was birthed by a Nigerian-trained attorney, Christian Nwachukwu, and Gina Onyiuke in the United States. TalkCounsel is a cloud-based legal workspace that enables businesses and individuals within and beyond Nigeria to find, hire and collaborate with attorneys in Nigeria remotely without ever visiting a law office. With TalkCounsel, requesting and finding legal help has never been easier.

As legal practice in Nigeria continues to grow in size and capacity, and considering the current state of the world, it is evident that a conflation of law and technology should take place. By merging the two, quality legal services can be made accessible to the average Nigerian and prospective foreign clients in need of legal services in Nigeria during this challenging time and beyond. And all from the comfort of one’s couch using your device of choice. In altering the Nigerian legal landscape, TalkCounsel seeks to ensure that Nigeria’s legal digital future is more robust coming out of COVID-19 than it was coming in.

Thus far, TalkCounsel has accumulated more than 1,000,000 impressions and still counting. Moreover, our strategic partnership with partners in North America and Europe will, in turn, boost the income stream for Nigerian lawyers, as well as the nation’s GDP.To learn more about TalkCounsel, visit our website at



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