In case you missed it, President Buhari is at the ongoing 74th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and as expected he made a speech, which seemed to hit all the right notes-strangely enough, knowing Daddy Bubu’s track record.

We thought there would be zero drama but alas, Buhari proved himself to be a longstanding drama king!

tips off hat

We stan!

All was right in Eden until a moderator asked the indomitable question “President Buhari, Nigeria has a very young population, perhaps you might highlight what a pathway for a resilient future looks like?”

Ha! Gbege!

We all know that Daddy Bubu and the word “youth” do not see eye-to-eye at all. Remember the last time he spoke about us? Yeah, that didn’t turn out well, he dared to call us lazy!

Everyone held their breath in anticipation of his response. Nigerians were like:

Bubu, as always, didn’t disappoint. He went on a tangent, totally off point.

His opening sentence reminded me of my days in secondary school debates, when we just had to acknowledge everyone, even the cockroach in the cupboards. Or those that will say “thank you for that beautiful question” before actually answering.

The rest of his response? Hmm, it was an unwieldy spiel of how climate change is important and how Nigeria is working towards that.

Err, sir, President Buhari, Daddy Bubu, were we not told in school that we must read the instruction to a question before we answer? The instruction clearly said to focus on the youths. What are you doing sir? Why are you looking up and down liadat and talking about climate change? Holl’up, are you reading from a script?

You are supposed to be talking about the future of the youth! WHAT? THERE’S NO FUTURE? Aiye mi te mi bami.


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